Question on trig graphs

Thursday, May 24th, 9:36pm by Hannah

Part of the graph of y=\cos(ax+b) is shown below.

The graph passes through (\frac{\pi}{3},0) and (\frac{\pi}{6},\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}).

Find a,b.

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Question on Solving Trig Equations

Thursday, May 24th, 7:24pm by Hannah

Solve for x,

 \cos(x) = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}, given that  -2\pi \leq x \leq 2\pi.

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Question on trig identities

Thursday, May 24th, 4:22am by Hannah

Find the exact value of:

 \tan(\frac{4\pi}{3}) - \sin ( \frac{-3\pi}{4} )

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Question on Newton's laws of motion

Tuesday, May 22nd, 9:48am by Hannah

A 100kg astronaut (including the space suit) becomes untethered during aspace walk and drifts to a distance of 10m from the mother ship. To get back to the ship, he throws his 2.5kg tool kit away with an accelaration of 8.0 m s^{-2} that actos over the 0.50s.

a) How does throwing the tool kit away help the astroanut in this situation?

b) How large is the force that actos on the tool kit and the astronaut?

c) With what speed will the astronaut drift to the mother ship?

d) How long will it take for the astronaut to reach the ship?

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Question on Newton's laws of motion

Tuesday, May 22nd, 9:08am by Hannah

... The mass of canoe is 15 kg and Mary has a mass of 50kg.

1) What is her mass?

2) What is her weight?


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Question on trigonometry

Monday, May 21st, 4:14pm by admin

Solve for x,

 \sin(2x) = \frac{1}{\sqrt{2}} , where -1<x<+1.

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Question on algebra

Monday, May 21st, 8:14am by admin

Fatorise the following polynomials.

 y= x^2+3x+2



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Question on number theory

Sunday, May 20th, 6:56pm by admin

Please help me find all non-zero integers x,y,z and n>2, such that

 x^n+y^n = z^n.

Please provide full proof that you have found all solutions to this equation. Please be accurate but succint. I would prefer you use less than a page for your proof. If you need more room there is space in the margins.

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